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YouTube has become my favorite place to learn Python programming. There are so many YouTube channels that provide very high quality of basic Python programming tutorials.

It's all started when I continuously searching for free resources to learn Python programming language. Yo can find so many  high quality resources to learn a programming language: Blogs, eBooks, MOOC, online interactive platforms, videos... you name it. I have tried eBook (Learn Python The Hard Way and Automate The Boring Stuff), MOOC (MITx: 6.00.1x on edX), interactive platform(Codeacademy) and my favorite is YouTube videos.

I started using YouTube to learn how to code when I wanted to know more about Flask and Django Frameworks. Nevertheless, when I found a difficult or new concept about Python basic, I opened YouTube and searched for a tutorial about that concept. That brought me to some of the best Python tutorials on YouTube to learn basic Python. And I want to share it with you 5 Youtube channels to start learning Pyton 3.

1. Corey Schafer

In a nutshell! He explained everything straight to the point, in a clear voice and fast pace. But I can follow and understand perfectly every single word he said even thought I am not a native English speaker. I believe that this is the best Python tutorial on YouTube.

The tutorials consists of nine Python Tutorial for Beginners and 12 more advance Python Tutorials (21 in total). The videos are ranging from 10 to 40 minutes long. It started with installing the Python both on Mac and Windows. He covered most common Python fundamentals like data types, conditionals, loops, iterations, creating functions, importing modules and working with standard libraries. He finished the tutorials with discussions about variable scope, lists, tuples, objects, try/except and unit testing.

I mentioned previously that I found his tutorials when I wanted to understand deeper about Python OOP. He separated the Python OOP tut in a different playlist.  What make me put him in my #1 list is because all of the materials are well prepared and he delivered it in a succinct and sharp presentation. That made me pay full attention all the time to his video (other channels made me felt asleep..).

2. Socratica

She is one of a kind. Just watch her introduction video and you'll gonna love it. You'll realize right away that you will learn in a very different environment. She combined futuristic video animations and music, a distinctive outfit, gracious gesture and a witty presentation. I have never seen a programming tutorial or lecture delivered this way.

The tutorial consist of 32 videos including the intro one. It covers the basic of Python programming such as data types, math operations, conditionals, functions, classes and objects, list, tuple and dictionary. Several common Python standard libraries (datetime, logging, random, csv and urllib) were discussed.

More interestingly, we can get lessons about more advance Python functions. There are a few videos that cover recursions, JSON, lambda expression, map, reduce, filter, exception and unit test. In fact, I found this channel because I was looking for map and reduce functions in Python.

What make me love with this channel is that it also covers how to access and use Python interactive help. This channel also explained and gave example the different of Python 2 and Python 3. 

3. sentdex

This is the most complete Python 3 tutorial I found on YouTube. He made 68 videos in his Python 3 Basic Tutorial Series. That includes the introduction video where he explained why people should start migrating from Python 2 to Python 3. Well, he created this series in 2014 when most people were reluctant switching to Python 3.

He surely cover all the basic of Python 3, and sometime he split a topic into several videos. For example, he created videos about while loop and for loop when he talking about looping. Similarly, conditional section was divided into  three videos that talked about if, if - else, and if - elif - else. Functions and modules were also covered in several videos and he discuss many aspects of the topics thoroughly. The series also explained how to install third party modules into our Python environment in two videos.

There are more Python standard libraries he covered than other channels. That include OS, Sys, urllib, regex, TkInter, threading and subprocess. Other materials include matplotlib, socket, ftplib, Python 2to3, py to exe and database (SQLite3). That's a lot of topics to be learned. The unusual thing that I don't really like from this channel is that he is using rasberry pi and IDLE in his tutorial, instead of using an IDE program on a PC/laptop.

4. thenewboston

He is the most laid-back Python tutor on YouTube. He speaks really slowly and that is a good thing for non English speaker. Sometime he trow a joke or two and using slang words a lot. And sometime he wandered around talking things other than the subject for a while.

I like this channel because he is using PyCharm IDE on a Windows. He gave tips on using PyCharm along the tutor and that really helping me because I am a PyCharm fan. He made 56 videos which cover Python Fundamental and some example of Python code to solve real life problem. Some of them are image downloader, web crawler, word frequency counter and image editor (Pillow).

5. codebasic

This channel also suitable for non native English speakers. He speaks quite slowly with strong Indian accent. But his accent doesn't distract me from understanding the content nor difficult to understand. He sound like a very patient teacher giving detail explanation to his students.

He has 41 videos in his tutorial series. I came to this channel because I was looking for more explanation about Python decorator. To be honest, I haven't seen all of his videos, but his explanation about  Python decorator convince me that this channel is worth following. Beside Python basics, he also made videos about multiprocessing, pytest and numpy.

What Else

YouTube is very dynamic platform. People upload videos every moment, and many videos are taken down by the owner or YouTube. There are many channels that I didn't follow when I learned basic Python, but I think their contents are pretty good. 

Bellow are Python tutorials on YouTube which I believe worth watching:
  1. CS Dojo
  2. Programming with Mosh
  3. Al Sweigart
Video tutorials are the most practical way to learn a programming language. You study it by writing the same code from the tutor. When you want to explore more concepts behind the code, books is the right source. Two Python books which are suitable as a complementary learning materials are Think Python and Python Crash Course